Self-management diabetes education on:

  • The effect of exercise variables on diabetes management and activity goals
  • Insulin adjustment for activity  
  • Fundamental nutritional needs for exercise and diabetes management
  • Overall review of diabetes management and onward referral if required (Endocrinologist/CDE/dietitian)*

             *General diabetes education for day to day diabetes management is not offered


Event-specific coaching for:

  • Athletes
  • Performance
  • Beginners
  • Social sporting endeavours 
To find out more and to book for a coaching consult, contact Marian

Tailored exercise programming with consideration of:

  • Blood glucose management
  • Musculoskeletal injury management and prevention
  • Long-term health effects of diabetes 
  • Individual diabetes and activity goals


Face to face and telehealth appointments available 

  • You may be eligible for Medicare or private health rebates (please enquire)