Marian is an accredited exercise physiologist and credentialled diabetes educator, possessing unique skills which position her to support those with diabetes with challenging aspects of sport and exercise. Marian completed her Master of Science (Diabetes) in 2017, during which time she explored the use of group education in physical activity and type 1 diabetes. Marian subsequently received a Fellowship from the ADEA Australian Diabetes Research Foundation to pursue a PhD to pilot Type 1 TACTICS for Exercise© Diabetes WA – a group self-management education program to address fear of hypoglycaemia as a barrier to physical activity in adults living with type 1 diabetes. Marian is now nearing the end of her PhD and hopes to continue to evaluate and provide evidence informed education in the area of diabetes and physical activity. She has worked closely with local, national, and international experts in the area of diabetes and exercise, and has published a number of articles in quality, peer reviewed scientific journals. Click here to view Marian's publications. 
In addition to her academic pursuits, Marian has experience and expertise in endurance sports including triathlon, running, and cycling and has coached a number of athletes in these events. She has crewed for Ultraman World Champion, Kate Bevilaqua and has herself competed in three Ironman triathlons; numerous half ironman, Olympic, and sprint distance triathlons; road racing (cycling); half marathons; swim/run; and open water swimming. Marian also enjoys coaching those new to exercise and sport, and those looking to return after a prolonged hiatus. 


As an exercise physiologist, Marian has a sound understanding of exercise prescription and programming to facilitate a safe return to activity while considering co-existing chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, obesity, and musculoskeletal injury management and prevention. Marian’s advanced knowledge of the body’s metabolic and endocrine response to exercise allows her to confidently advise on blood glucose management for physical activity while appreciating the complexities of whole-person care. 
Marian takes a person-centred approach in all her services, firmly believing the person living with diabetes possesses valuable experiences and knowledge which are fundamental to the success of their diabetes management. Diabetes is a unique journey for each individual, and for that reason there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to diabetes management. Marian is determined to support people living with diabetes so that everyone is afforded the same opportunity to enjoy an active lifestyle. You can expect Marian to work with you to achieve your diabetes and activity goals in a friendly and non-judgemental environment.